This verse is taken from:
Colossians 2. 8-15.
Thought of the day for:
3 October 2022

Never doubt that the Lord Jesus is God. Scriptures such as the ones we are considering today are divinely designed to destroy all pretentious theories of men who will not acknowledge His absolute deity. They seem always to settle for something that is less than Him being all divine. But anything less takes away from us everything we have in the Lord. It all becomes substandard and unavailing. Sing again, and with total confidence in its truth:

Veiled in flesh the Godhead see;
Hail th’ incarnate Deity,
Pleased as Man with man to dwell,
Jesus our Emmanuel! [Charles Wesley]

That is why in verse 10 Paul can assert, without fear of contradiction, ‘And ye are complete in him’. The word ‘complete’ has the meaning of ‘being full’. We are in Him, and as a result we are full or fulfilled. We find our fulfilment in Him and His fullness makes us fulfilled. There is nothing outside of Him that will ever satisfy us or in which we can be fulfilled.

Having stated where alone we can gain our fullness, Paul now declares who ‘is the head of all principality and power’. That is, the One in whom we are and from whom we receive our satisfaction for every spiritual want is Christ. We have no need to seek other supposed sources of spiritual gratification. The Colossians were being encouraged into the worship and esteem of angelic beings as needful sources of spirituality; see 2. 18-23. Christ is the Head of all such, so all we will ever need is Him. Christ is the fountainhead, why defer to lesser ones for that which they cannot give?

There is no answer to this argument! But Satan will always try to distract us to seek alternatives. It could be that one of the things that contribute to our worship will become a substitute for Him in our worship. Remember, He is supreme, above all and at whatever earthly cistern you drink it will run dry on you sooner or later. Beware, beloved in Christ, and only draw your ‘fullness’ from Him today, and every day. Beware that men do not ensnare you with their fake fantasies.


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