Daily Thought for: 17th September


Galatians 6. 7-9

In the natural realm we anticipate that we shall reap what we sow. Flower seeds produce flowers: vegetable seeds produce vegetables. This is well understood by all. The apostle takes this simple principle observable in nature and applies it in the realm of the spiritual. We shall reap what we sow. If we sow to the flesh we must not be surprised if we reap corruption. On the other hand if we sow to the Spirit we shall reap life everlasting, the very opposite of the produce of the flesh.

All of this is stated in the setting of instructions that are being given regarding the use of our resources. In our meditation yesterday there was a specific injunction given that those who are taught should communicate with those who teach. Tomorrow, we shall see that the believer also has wider responsibilities, for he is to do good unto all men, though he must have special regard for those who are in the household of faith. However, the principle holds good in every area of life and presents us with a great challenge. What am I sowing?

The possibility arises that in sowing that which is known to be good, the child of God might grow weary because the harvest of what he does is not immediate. The flesh craves fast results and generally gets them, but eternity is when the believer’s harvest will be fully seen and reaped. Failure to see the harvest now might give rise to faintness and loss of heart: by doing that which is good, the toil expended in sowing might become tedious without the encouragement of visible results. The believer might then be tempted to resort to fleshly expedients to produce that which appears spiritual and good. However, we must remind our hearts that it is impossible to reap good fruit from bad seed.

The exhortation not to lose heart in doing that which is good is reinforced by a wonderful promise. We shall reap. There is no question of fruitlessness, if we faint not in the pursuit of doing good. However, we must be prepared to wait the proper season for that fruit. If it is not before, then it will most certainly appear at the judgment seat of Christ when all things will be seen in their proper light and each will have praise of God.


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