Daily Thought for: 9th November


Hebrews 13. 8

In the early days of Christian testimony there were many outstanding leaders among the people of God. They were men and women of conviction, having decisively turned their backs on Judaism, and with passion they pursued the new ideals of life in Christ. Some had made the ultimate sacrifice for their commitment - martyrdom. Many were heroes. All were men whose faith the believers could now follow as examples. That was fine, but now they were gone and all that could be done was to remember them with fond affection, and perhaps bemoan the fact that their replacements, the current leadership, was not all that they might be. The passing of time changes things, expectations and people - sometimes quite dramatically.

However, the great blessing was this, that while all the leaders had gone, the ultimate Leader Himself was still available. He was unchanging, whether yesterday, today, or into the distant future. The old leaders could no longer help, but He can, and does. ‘Yesterday’ may refer to Him in eternity past or to His life here on earth with the disciples and others. There He was available for company, consultation, comfort and guidance. While He too has now gone from earth, yet, in one sense, nothing has changed. He is still available. In fact, available now in an even more accessible and intimate way than before, so He will be for the rest of our lives. And, indeed, for ever.

In another sense He is the ‘same’. Not one day strict and the next slack, not one day merciful, and the next vindictive, not one day joyful and the next morose, not one day helpful and the next dismissive. He is the same - His character and his concern never vary. We know what to expect, and that is what we get.

With such an anchor in our lives we will not be ‘carried about with divers and strange doctrines’, Heb. 13. 9, nor shall we be like ‘a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed’, Jas. 1. 6. No, we shall have an inner peace and tranquillity, and we shall be established. Let us, therefore, in all our circumstances look to Him, the One on whom we can utterly depend, in the knowledge that He ever lives, and never changes. He is the Same, yesterday, and today and for ever.


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