Daily Thought for: 7th March


Psalm 102. 24-28; Hebrews 13. 8

The Hebrew epistle highlights for us the prophetic setting and the personal significance of this title. If the Spirit had not told us that the words, ‘But thou art the same, and thy years shall not fail’, Heb. 1.12, were spoken to the Son by the Father, we would hardly have know that. As the dark clouds of His death on the cross threatened their storm, the prayer of verse 24, ‘O my God, take me not away in the midst of my days’, are consistent with ‘O my Father, ...let this cup pass from me’, Matt. 26. 39. The communication contains the assurance of resurrection. Praying to Him ‘that was able to save him from [out from] death’, Heb. 5. 7, He was heard, and He moved forward, a dependent man acting in faith, depending on God’s word. The words, ‘Thou art the same’, also carry the thought that the purpose which He and the Father shared in creation would be accomplished, despite the universal effects of sin.

In the Hebrew epistle, where we find ancient promises, abundant promises, and an able priest, believers who died as a result of persecution or natural causes, would not be prevented from coming into the promised blessings. God is the God of resurrection. More than that, the truth of an immutable God was exactly what they needed. ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and to the ages to come’, Heb. 13. 8 JND. He who gave the promises yesterday has not changed His word. He who has demonstrated His might for His people in the past remains as mighty to fulfil His promises into the ages to come. He is the same yesterday and to the ages. But He is the same today. As He graciously shepherded His people and surrounded them with every provision for their journey, so the Hebrew believers could count on Him in their day. Those ancient people had a priest to maintain them in the enjoyment of God’s presence, which assured their every blessing.

The eternal God who chose us for a sovereign purpose is capable of fulfilling that purpose through time and into eternity. As that purpose unfolds, He is unchanging in His ability to sustain us in the presence of our God. We are assured of every blessing.


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