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1978 Volume 29 Issue 2
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$3.95, £1.95 plus 10% postage; 254 pages. From: as above. This book is complementary to the corresponding Come and Dine with New Testament readings, reviewed on page 111 of the September 1976 issue. T…
$0.40 or 20p plus 10% postage. 14 pages. The booklet is a helpful and positive restatement of truth firmly believed in by the Lords people, but being neglected today by many in a modern age. Very wort…
$0.65 or 35p plus 10% postage. 32 pages. From Everyday Publications, 230 Glebemount Avenue, Toronto, Canada, or Roy Wood, 94 Alma Road, Plymouth, U.K. The second booklet is a sweet doctrinal and devot…

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