1 Thessalonians - Some Suggestions for Study

J. B. Hewitt, Chesterfield

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Read the Epistle through once each day for a month. Reading aloud is most profitable. You can read through this Epistle in less than twenty minutes.

  1. Find seven reasons why Paul wrote the letter.
  2. Classify the 36 references thus; (a) Things ‘of God’, (b) ‘in God’, (c) ‘to God’, (d) ‘our God’, (e) ‘from God’.
  3. Trace all references to ‘Christ’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Lord’, ‘the Lord’, ‘Lord Jesus Christ’. There are fully 30 refs.
  4. The doctrine of the Holy Spirit.
  5. Consider the mentions of ‘your faith’.
  6. Trace the subject of the Gospel; its power, reception, facts, subject, preachers, effect, propagation, fruits.
  7. Note the various descriptions of God’s people; there are 12-14 words used. The more subtle references are ‘pedestrians’, 2. 12; ‘pupils’, 4. 9-11; ‘mourners’, 4. 13; ‘watchmen’, 5. 6; ‘crown’, 2. 19. Find the others.
  8. Carefully weigh the references to ‘affliction’, ‘suffering’, ‘persecuted’, ‘persecution’.
  9. What are the characteristics of a local church? What is its constitution? How is it ruled? How is it formed? What are its activities? How should its members behave? Answer these questions with chapter and verse from this Epistle. Is this a picture of your assembly? What can you do to help?
  10. List all the passages where reference is made to the coming of the Lord. Ponder the practical force of these.
  11. Note the many occurrences of ‘ye’ and ‘yours’.
  12. What can we learn of the character of Paul from his writing, preaching and living as seen in this letter?

Suggested Analysis

  • Conversion, 1. 1 to 2. 20; ‘ye turned to God’.
    1. His gratitude for progress, 1. 1-4.
    2. The Gospel he preached, 1. 5-10.
    3. His gripping message, 2. 1-6.
    4. His gentle manner, 2. 7-12.
    5. His gladdening hope, 2. 13-20.
  • Consecration, 3. 1 to 4. 12; ‘to serve God’.
    1. Expressing his feelings, 3. 1-13.
      1. Paul’s regard for the saints, vv. 1-5.
      2. Progress reported by Timothy, vv. 6-8.
      3. Paul’s requests in prayer, vv. 9-13.
    2. Exhortation to his followers, 4. 1-12.
      1. Living to please God, vv. 1-8.
      2. Loving all men, vv. 9-12.
  • Expectation, 4. 13 to 5. 22; ‘to wait for His Son’.
    1. A word of comfort, 4. 13-18.
      1. Anxiety for loved ones, v. 13.
      2. Assurance from the Lord, vv. 14-18.
    2. A word of counsel, 5. 1-22.
      1. Need for watchfulness, vv. 1-10.
      2. Need for thoughtfulness, vv. 11-15.
      3. Need for steadfastness, vv. 16-22.
  • Prayer, vv. 23-25. Salutation, vv. 26-27. Benediction, v. 28.

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