IT WOULD BE RECKLESS, rather than bold, to venture on any prediction as to what 1962 holds in store for the world. Even when writing only a few weeks ahead of publication there is the risk that comments would be irrelevant by the time they appeared in print.
The Christian’s confidence is in One from whom the future can withhold no secret and whose purpose no power can thwart, but this will not make him indifferent to the march of events. Instructed by the prophetic Scriptures he will see them taking shape for the consummation of the age and he will redouble his efforts to reach men for Christ while there is yet time.
The cause of Christ in the world will be his main concern, convinced that His is the only kingdom which cannot be moved. Nevertheless, it is folly to overlook the fact that the world lieth in the lap of the evil one and that behind the scenes the powers of darkness are making an intensive effort to oppose the claims of Christ. The use of violence in some parts of the world must not divert our attention from what is, perhaps, a greater threat – the deep subtlety of Satan’s manoeuvres in the professing church. Where the role of a roaring lion docs not suit his purpose he can appear as an angel of light.
It is small cause for wonder if some sorely tried servants of Christ have fell their hearts assailed by foreboding as, like John on the Isle of Patmos, they ponder the possible fate of the testimony they have laboured long and faithfully to establish. He was granted that vision which conveyed in a symbolic way His Lord’s complete knowledge and mastery of events. He who is alive for evermore and has the keys of hell and of death, alone holds the key of the coming year; we can leave the issues with Him, while we seek grace to do His will as He unlocks a day at a time.

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