A Prayer

Lord Jesus, keep me watching,
That I may firmly stand
To Thy commandments faithful,
Kept by Thy loving hand;
That, freed from all temptation,
Preserved from every ill,
I may be daily treading
The pathway of Thy will!

Lord Jesus, keep me praying
And leaning hard on Thee,
That in Thy loving bosom
My resting place may be;
That I may learn more fully
The sweetness of Thy love,
And know in deeper measure
The things that are above!

Lord Jesus, keep me learning
As sitting at Thy feet,
That I may be more lowly
And for Thy service meet;
For then, in blest dependence
On Thee, my Lord and Friend,
I’ll learn Thee in the pathway
That will in glory end!

Gwyneth M. Bloomfield, 1945.