Abraham and Lot: The Friend of God and the Friend of the World

When we arrive at Genesis 18 and 19 in our Bibles, we find a carnal believer in Sodom and a spiritual believer in a tent. Carnality is seen in Lot in at least six aspects, Gen. 19.

Ignorance in things pertaining to God

This contrasts with knowledge in the things of Sodom. It appears that Lot held a position of responsibility and administration in the affairs of Sodom: he sat at the gate, for instance, and note too, the comments of 19. 9. Sadly he was as ignorant of God’s purposes as were the people of Sodom: he was oblivious to the imminent judgement of the city.

No Testimony for God in Sodom

We see the reaction of the sons-in-law, ‘he seemed as one who mocked’, 19. 14. Why did they react like this? Obviously there was nothing in Lot’s life to suggest that he was different, that he was a pilgrim, whose home was not there. Is it clear to others where our hopes lie, where our hearts’ treasures are?

A Liability to Abraham

He needed deliverance, 18. 22-32; 19. 29. How much time and energy is spent by spiritual men and women on ‘delivering’ folk such as Lot, which could be better spent on propagating the gospel, visiting the sick, etc? We need only think of the wear and tear on Paul because of the carnality of the Corinthian believers.

Irresponsibility in regard to his Family

This is clearly seen in 19. 30-36. Why did his daughters act so shamefully |{ and perversely? They had been brought up in Sodom, that is, in a society characterized by sexual perversion and corruption, a society Lot chose to bring them up in. We may not be able to choose in regard to living in Britain, but what enters our houses is our responsibility. Are the very influences of Sodom entering our homes, through the television programmes and particular newspapers we look at or allow our children to look at?

Most children in our society will have seen many murders and acts of violence, examples of immorality and adultery, by the age of 12. They experience this through television. It is quite possible to see 6 murders in one evening. A nation reaps what it sows, but so do we. We read in the New Testament that Lot was ‘righteous’. In other words he was not contaminated within by Sodom; but his daughters were. He contributed to the moral and spiritual ruin of his own family.

Unspiritual Decision in regard to a Wife

Here was a serious mistake. He married an unbeliever, 19. 26. Some decisions have greater consequences than others and Lot failed on one of the major ones.

Wrong Motives for his Life

This is seen earlier in the narrative of his life, 13. 10-13, when he chose to settle near to Sodom, and his motives appear materialistic. Is this why he ‘lingered’ in Sodom, 19. 16? All his wealth, almost all he was living for, was in Sodom. He lost it all. He achieved nothing for God; indeed he missed God’s purpose for his life.

Spirituality is seen in Abraham by contrast.

We see Communion in regard to God

He is the only one in scripture referred to as the ‘friend of God’, 2 Chron. 20. 7; Isa. 41. 8; James 2. 21-23, and compare John 15. 13-15.

Thus Abraham learns the secrets of God, His purposes and desires. Can God keep such from His friends? Is not a mark of friendship the sharing of confidences? ‘Shall I hide from Abraham…?’, 18. 17. A New Testament parallel is Simeon. Oh that we may be a people near to Him, Psa. 148. 14.

We see Prayer, Intercession on behalf of Others

Abraham was earnest, persistent, bold yet humble, as he prays that Sodom might be spared, 18. 21-32.


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