Chairman’s Notes

In such unprecedented times, it seems apt that these brief comments should be set alongside Malcolm Davis’ introduction to the book of Esther. In it he states, ‘The book illustrates the truth that God has always exercised complete providential control of human history … History is not going out of His control, but will result in His glory being maintained, and His people blessed with eternal life’.

As this magazine arrives in your home, some countries will be reaching what the authorities hope will be the apex of a pandemic that is the worst for a century. The extent to which we, as believers, will be able to return to anything like normality and when is uncertain. Similarly, some assemblies will have been closed for weeks or months and fellowship will have been by telephone or restricted access to the home. We hope that this magazine will provide some spiritual food for those in such circumstances and we would also draw your attention to:

We would also add that the pandemic has seriously affected distribution outside of the UK. We trust that you will understand if your magazine has arrived late.

Finally, we have experienced some problems with Precious Seed email addresses. If you have sent an email to me, the secretary or the treasurer between the dates of 10/02 and 10/03/20 and have not received a reply, it is likely that they have been lost. Please resend them as we are unable to retrieve any email communications over that period.


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