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One day when Elijah was out for a walk he met the Prime Minister, and told him that he wanted to see the King. After a while the Prime Minister told the King and he came to meet Elijah; instead of being frightened he looked at the King and said, “You are making all the trouble in the country.” Oh no, said the King, “it is not I, it is you,” “Alright,” said Elijah, “I’ll prove it to you. Tell all the people to go to the top of the mountain, and I’ll meet you there.”

Early one morning everyone could be seen climbing the mountain, the King and his Prime Minister as well as Elijah. When they reached the top, Elijah stood on one side and opposite him stood 450 prophets (ministers). But they were not men who loved God, – they worshipped a god called Baal, and around them stood all the people of the land with the King in front.

Elijah then came forward and showed these prophets two cows feeding on the mountain side and he sent and fetched them. The people looking on wondered what was happening when they saw some of these prophets making a big heap of stones, and another of them taking a knife and killing one of the cows, cutting it up in pieces and putting it on the pile of stones. Next, these prophets stood round and called on (heir god Baal to send down fire from heaven to burn up the cow that they had killed– but nothing happened. They called louder – and still nothing happened, and they kept on for hour after hour–and still nothing happened. At last Elijah said that now it was his turn. He took twelve big stones and put them all together, then he took the other cow and, after killing it, cut it in pieces, put it on top of the pile of stones and poured twelve barrels of water over it all. He then looked up to heaven and asked God to send down fire and burn it all up. The people were still looking on when down came the fire and every little bit was burnt up.

When the people saw it they fell down and cried out, “The Lord, He is our God.” They knew that they had broken a commandment, one of God’s rules, and they said they would never break it again.

Which was the commandment that they had broken? And how many times have you broken it?


Answer: – Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Ex. 20. 3.


“My Story.” by a Creature of the Bible.

All the stories sent in were very good but the prizes must go to:–

Lillian Guichard, (14) of Stokenchurch, Berks.

Elizabeth Griffiths, (7) of Hucclecote, Glos.

Lillian chose, as her subject, the colt on which the Lord Jesus rode into Jerusalem. Elizabeth wrote the story of the dove in Noah’s ark. Allan Meade, (9) deserves to be highly commended for his realistic story of Jonah’s whale.


The most popular of our competitions has always been the Alphabet of texts. This time we are going to ask you to make up your own alphabet of Gospel Texts,–that is verses, or parts of verses from the Bible which tell us the good news of God’s love for sinful people. For example, we could begin with: All we like sheep have gone astray … but the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.

Behold the lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world. Come unto me … and I will give you rest. Of course, you will have trouble with letters like x and 2, but find as many of the 26 letters as you can, give the chapter and the verse, and send your entry with name, address and age to Mr. T. [. Lawson, 148, Greenway Rd., Taunton, Somerset, by October lib. The usual prizes will be awarded for the best entries from children under and over 12. H. E. P.


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