A Menace

Jude’s Epistle needs mare study, to Judge by the quite unjustifiable complacency with regard to the determined and highly organised efforts of so-called “Jehovah’s Witnesses.” Only those who have not taken the trouble to ascertain the facts would deny that the persistent spread of these false doctrines constitutes a real threat to the cause of the Gospel and a definite menace to Christians who may not be well grounded. Surely indifference in a matter like this is disloyalty to the Lord, notwithstanding the respectable clokes under which it may be disguised. It is our solemn responsibility to put people on their guard against false teachers and to present the truth. The best time to do it is now. In order to make it easy to do this on a wide scale, an attractive and readable four-page leaflet has been produced at the small cost of 2/60 per 100, post free. The front cover is re-produced below. Supplies may be obtained from J. H. Large, 2 Ashleigh Road, Barnstaple.


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