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One day Moses, one of the greatest leaders that ever lived, was called to go up into the mountain to speak with God. While he was away from the people they came to his brother Aaron, who was left in charge, saying, “Your brother Moses has left us, we don’t know where he is or what has happened to him, so we want you to make gods for us, to go in front of our armies when we go forward so that our enemies will be afraid of us.”

Then Aaron sent men around the camp to collect all the gold ear rings which the people had; men and women, boys and girls all had them, and they gave them to Aaron; such a lot there were and he put them into the fire and melted them into one big lump. Then he took a chisel and a fife, and chipped and filed and filed and chipped until, when he had finished, there in front of him stood a little golden calf. All the people came to look at it and shouted as loud as they could, “This is the god which brought us out of Egypt.” When the shouting had finished, Aaron heaped up a pile of stones to make an altar and early next morning they brought bullocks, goats, sheep, doves and pigeons to offer as a sacrifice.

While all this was taking place God was talking to Moses on the top of the mountain, and He told him to go down to see what the people were doing. As he drew near he heard a lot of noise and singing and saw all the people worshipping the golden calf which Aaron had made. He was terribly angry to see the people had forgotten God so soon, and taking the calf threw it into the fire again and, grinding it to powder, sprinkled it in the water and made the people drink it.

Which was the Commandment that the people disobeyed?

UNCLE DOUGLAS. Answer on Page 214. (*page missing*)


The delay in distributing the last copy of the magazine probably explains why no entries have been received, so far, for our competition, “My Story,” by a creature of the Bible. It may be that some have been delayed because the address given was 138, instead of 148, Greenway Road. We have therefore decided to give you another chance. We want you to write, in your own words, the story of one of the creatures–animal, bird or fish–which played an important part in a Bible story. Tell it as if you were the creature concerned. Send your story by 1st August) 1949, to Mrs, A. Lawson, 52, St. Leonard’s Road, Windsor, Berks., giving your name, address and age. Prizes will be given to the best entries from children under and over 12.

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