Does the Bible Work?

An infidel once twitted a well-known Doctor for putting any faith in the Bible. “It is a book subject to so much con­troversy, and the authorship of some parts is so uncertain; I wonder how you can believe it.” “Who wrote the multiplication table?” asked the Doctor. “I do not know.” “Yet you believe it and use it?” “Yes” replied the infidel “but the multiplication table works” “So does the Bible” answered the Doctor

Yes I that’s just it. The Bible brings the power of God down into the heart and life of anyone, who will sincerely and prayerfully examine the message it brings.

A band of mutineers once landed on Pitcairn Island, in the South Seas, and lived a life of abandoned debauchery. Disease carried them off like flies. Shame and remorse came to the heart of the sole English survivor, when he discovered a Bible in the box of a dead comrade He began to read it, and to teach the natives and half-breed children the love of God.

When a United States of America ship called there twenty years later it was found that the whole community was Christian, in deed as well as in name1. There was no liquor, no gaol, no hospital, no insane asylum, no crime; no illiteracy; but an island 100 per cent Christian. “What changed that place from a hell on earth to a little speck of heaven dropped down in the South Seas?” Nothing but the reading of the Bible, under the influence of God’s Holy Spirit.

Darwin – whose “theory” of evolution so deluded our scientists and theologians, too, some years back, – declared that the natives in the extreme south of South America were the lowest and most degraded people on the face of the earth, and that even Christianity would be powerless to uplift them; for, in spite of his agnosticism, Darwin recognised that there WAS an uplifting “power” in the gospel! The South American Missionary Society accepted the challenge, and gave the Bible to those poor, debased savages.

And lo! these people – the lowest specimens of humanity, so low as to be scarcely human – were transformed into a happy and cultured people of God. On a revisit to that land, Darwin, was so amazed at the change in those “unliftable” natives that he gave an annual subscription towards the mission work there until the day of his death. There is no other book in the world which could bring about such a transformation.

The same thing happens today wherever the book goes. Does it work in your life? Why not put it to the test?



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