Editorial – ‘Be thankful unto him, and bless his name’, Ps. 100. 4.

As we move into another decade, 2020 sees the 75th anniversary of the first publication of Precious Seed magazine and, on behalf of the current Committee, we readily acknowledge the kindness and faithfulness of the Lord. For the vision and the endeavours of all those who have been involved in the work of writing, editing and publishing the magazine, sometimes at considerable personal expense, we express our thanks.

Much has changed in our world and society since 1945 and, indeed, among assemblies of the Lord’s people, but the need of believers is still best met in the resources given to us by a gracious God: the Spirit, the scriptures and the saints.

What kindness on God’s part to impart the Holy Spirit to every individual who places faith in Christ! Without His indwelling presence there would be no spiritual life within, no spiritual power to live, and no security for the future, Rom. 8. 9-11; Eph. 4. 30. As the Lord Jesus Himself declared, that indwelling presence enables an insight into the inspired word of God and He would teach us ‘all things’, John 14. 26. How blessed we have been to have had access to this unparalleled book, which has been the unshakeable, and totally sufficient resource for all the people of God down through time, 17. 17! It is interesting to note that after the mention of Mnason of Cyprus in Acts chapter 21 verse 16, the title ‘disciple’ is not used again in the New Testament. Instead, the title used becomes ‘saints’, and in his address to Agrippa, as the apostle recounts his story, he describes those who he ‘shut up in prison’ as ‘saints’; those who he once viewed as subversives, he now affectionately calls ‘saints’! He had come to appreciate their value as those who were precious to God and the subject of God’s eternal purpose, Eph. 1. 18. It behoves us to value believers as such, and to grasp something of the intended purposes that God had in linking us all together as saints – that we may be able to ‘comfort them which are in any trouble’, 2 Cor. 1. 4.

As we launch into the coming year, it is the prayer of the Committee that we should be marked by a dependence on the Spirit of God, dedication to the word of God, and devotion to the people of God. If in any way this issue of the magazine encourages that, then we, like those who have contributed to it over the last seventy-five years, will ascribe it to the goodness and mercy of the Lord, Ps. 23. 6.


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