Fact and Faith

It is a grand thing for us to stop and think occasionally of the evidences with which God has surrounded us of His love towards us, and of the truth of His Word. His enemies are ever active in their efforts to undermine the faith of those who trust in Him, and to persuade those who have not yet taken Christ as their Saviour that Christianity is all founded on myth, and that the Bible- especially the Old Testament – is completely unreliable. It is even stated sometimes by Christians that Faith is a leap in the dark, hut this may be misleading, for the One in whom the Christian places his trust provides many infallible proofs that His Word is true. Our Faith is founded on fact.

The enemies of Christianity have tried to tell us in many ways that the Bible is untrue, one of the most famous being their attack* on the Creation story, and their suggestions that all matter, and life itself, came into being without any outside help; in fact, that, “by a fortuitous series of chances” we happen to be living here and now, that there is in fact somewhere in space where conditions, are just right for us to live, and that we should be surrounded, not only with all the things that we need, but with many other things as well which, though not essential, help to increase our enjoyment of life.

Satan’s Attack

That intelligent beings should be able even to pretend that they believe such things would be incredible were it not for the fact that the Devil, who for his own ends even tries to make people believe that he himself does not exist, will do anything within his power to prevent people from coming to a knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Saviour. To this end he first of all would try to make us believe that God does not really exist, for if God does not exist, there is no need to take any notice of Him.

If, however, he finds it impossible to persuade us that God does not exist, the next best thing for him to do is to try to make us believe that, although there probably is a God, He has not revealed Himself to us, and does not expect us to take any great notice of Him, It is therefore one of his most important tasks to prevent people from believing that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, for, if we believe it is, then there is an obligation upon us to take notice of it. But, if the Bible is not accurate, then it cannot be God’s Word. It is therefore easy to see why the Devil is anxious to have us believe that there are things recorded in the Bible, which never really happened.

God’s Reply

But God does not leave us helpless in front of such an attack. We have already pointed out bow our God-given common sense will not allow us to accept some of the Devil’s suggestions, and we also find in the discoveries of archaeology and other sciences that God provides us with abundant proofs of the fallacies of the Devil’s suggestions.

Satan’s Subtlety

Concerning Evolution, for instance, the originator of this theory never claimed it to be a fact, and there are no proofs given. No real scientist ever declares it to be So for that very reason, although many, who do not believe the Scriptures, think that it may be true; and often speak about it as though it wore. In this way it gradually gets included in modern education, and the Devil finds it easier to delude people into disbelieving the Creation story.

God’s Provision

God, on the other hand, does provide us with proofs that His Word is true, for just when men are questioning it, archaeologists discover absolute evidence that the Flood took place and that the walls of Jericho fell down exactly as stated. When they say that Moses lived before the days of writing, documents are found which were written long before his day. When they tell us that the Hittite race never existed, discoveries are made proving them wrong.

Our Responsibility

No, all the attempts to discredit God and His Word are of no avail, and when we consider the wonders of the world around us, the beautiful things which He has created, the flowers and all living objects with their infinite variety of organisms and methods of maintaining and propagating themselves, we are forced to the conclusion that they must have been created by someone with a heart Of love, and when we find that He has revealed Himself to us in the pages of Scripture, we realize that He demands our attention.


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