God’s weeping prophet and wayward people: Jeremiah’s prophecy and Lamentations – Malcolm C. Davis

Paperback, 269 pages, Published by John Ritchie Ltd, 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, KA3 1RH, Scotland. ISBN: 0978-1-910513-50-7.

A cursory glance at the brief comment on the back cover of this book brought me up with a jolt! Referring to the subject matter I read, ‘The books (of Jeremiah and Lamentations) are relevant to us today, as we face a still greater judgement of God in the coming tribulation’. Being well acquainted with the author, I knew that rather than ‘we’ he meant ‘the world’, and, sure enough, the statement soon followed that the commentary is ‘written from the premillennial, pretribulational standpoint’.

This book complements the author’s works on Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel in concluding his studies in the writings of the ‘major’ prophets. It is presented in similar style, with a concise commentary on each chapter, setting out its relevance to the people of Jeremiah’s day, together with historical background and practical application as appropriate. The introduction, explaining the political and moral atmosphere of the days in which Jeremiah wrote, is particularly beneficial in understanding the message of his prophecy. The burden and weight of Jeremiah’s message is clearly portrayed throughout the book and helpful comment is made to explain the structure of the chapters which, at times, are not chronological. The brief comment on Lamentations is useful as a succinct introduction for any who would consider studying this intriguing little book in more detail for themselves.

The commentary closes with a number of ‘Practical studies in Jeremiah’s major themes and recurring phrases’. These include, ‘The names and character of God’, ‘Christ in Jeremiah’s writings’ and ‘The restoration of the faithful remnant of Israel’.

If one criticism could be levelled at the writing style, this reviewer found the preponderance of capital letters, particularly in the chapter introductions, to be quite irritating. However, that is a personal comment and should not deter a prospective buyer from obtaining this helpful and recommended book.


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