Gospel Work and other Assembly Activities – July-August 1984

“To preach … deliverance to the captives”, Luke 4. 18.

We are reminded by these words, which are part of the introduction of His mission by the Lord Jesus, that the essence of the message that we preach is to bring liberty. An outstanding item of this report is the news of a baptism in prison. Set free from the bondage of Satan, a man is able to testify in the prison house. How wonderful is the effect of such a message. Many are bound today by those chains which, though unseen, are worse than any measures of captivity earthly prisons can provide. As we send out this report again, we shall pray that the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ will bring freedom to many who are bound.

Northern Ireland

Two spheres of activities are reported by Edward Jamieson. The Deep Sea Evangelism work continues. The plastic bags, containing messages, are picked up by many friends on the West Coast of Africa. These are sent out from BELFAST and CORK. Recently a number of West Africans told how they accepted the Saviour through finding the messages. Contacts are being made with friends in POLAND who sent in requesting a Gospel Study Course and New Testament. A friend from GHANA writes, “Thank you for the plastic envelope containing religious papers. Please help me by sending me a Bible as I want to read it to know God”. So it is that in an unusual way from Ireland sounds out the Word of the Lord with much prayer behind it. Also the printing and publishing ministry from BELFAST continues with the one million mark having been reached in literature off press. Especially encouraging is the fact that the Spanish Gospel magazine, “Beams of Light” has gone out again into the Spanish speaking world. The testimony of D. L. Craig entitled “Faith Alone” is now in circulation and thousands of copies of Robert Beattie’s testimony have been distributed especially in Co. Tyrone. Our brother encourages us to pray on for these activities.

From Jim Graham we have plenty of news of work by evangelists in the North. At Donegall Road Hall, BELFAST, John Hawthorne conducted gospel meetings and good numbers attended. Then in Ebenezer Hall, John Hawthorne with Albert McShane had very good interest shown in an area where a lot of demolition has taken place. In meetings in a portable hall on the BRANIEL Estate, where Bill Armstrong and R. Cunningham laboured, a few from outside were there. The BELFAST Easter Conference held in Grosvenor Hall was very well attended. The number of young people there was a thrill to the convenors and the ministry was good and profitable to all. Reports of the Lord’s work at home and overseas gave cause for thanksgiving and also material for prayer. A report of the salvation of a Roman Catholic prisoner and of his baptism in one of the gaols at his own request and by permission of the prison authorities gave tremendous encouragement and joy. The small audience that witnessed the baptism sang “Up from the grave He arose” as he came up out of the water. What a testimony to the other prisoners. Grosvenor Hall was packed for the Gospel meeting when Harold Paisley preached on 1 Tim. 1. 15. Many were unsaved and God gave blessing in that some came through for Christ. In connection with the tent meetings to be held in Botanic Gardens D.V., thousands of invitations have gone out and believers are praying earnestly that the Lord will give great blessing during the outreach. Jim Allen and Jim Hutchinson are the evangelists.

Good numbers attended meetings held by Albert Aiken in a portable hall at ORRITOR near Cookstown. One girl has been saved and others have shown interest. Meetings were held by Eric Wishart and Bobbie Eadie in a portable hall at BALLYVESTER, Co. Down. David Kane and David Morgan saw the Lord’s hand in blessing during eleven weeks of Gospel meetings in the hall at COLERAINE, Co.Derry. Meetings were held by Archie McLeah and Arnot Caulfield in the hall at AHOGHILL, Co. Antrim. Gilbert Stewart and Sam Patterson saw blessing after much labour in the INISHOWEN Peninsular, Co. Donegal. There are three assemblies in Donegall and during the recent months God has been pleased to save some people here.


The news of work in the North is brief. The Gospel Hall at AVOCH have been sharing with the CULLODEN Assembly in Bible Readings in the Epistle to the Romans. These have been profitable to the small companies of believers. At Fernielea Gospel Hall, ABERDEEN, Robert Revie held three weeks gospel meetings and also engaged in door to door work in the area.

We have news from the South from T. Aitken. At LANARK James Aitken conducted a two week gospel mission. The meetings had a good send-off with an open air meeting held on the Saturday afternoon. Fair numbers attended the meetings but no professions were made. Again at LAURIESTON the Aitken brothers conducted a two weeks mission. Good contacts were made in visitation but although the meetings were well attended none professed to be saved. Yet the seed we are sure was faithfully sown. From Roy Marshall a report tells of labour for the Lord in the backwoods of Central Scotland. At Shin-flats in MAVEN, encouraging meetings were held, especially with the children, and it was a delight to hear of two girls who professed faith in the Lord Jesus. Through correspondence courses contact is kept with them. Work is continuing at KINCARDINE, where Denis Barnes has laboured for 14 years. The first children’s meeting saw 16 coming in—small as permission to distribute leaflets was refused by the local school. One man came in to the meetings, unknown by the locals. Afterwards he drove away in his car without conversation. Prayer continues. The 1984 AYR Bible Readings were conducted by A. Leckie and J. Flannigan. In the Bible Readings studies centred in 2 Timothy and the evening addresses were on some of the Psalms. The numbers were some of the largest ever and the study of God’s Word proved profitable and stimulating. It was good to see again the eager desire for the truth as many gathered from far and near. The evening gatherings for ministry were always full to capacity.

North West England

We have news of a gospel campaign held at the Gospel Hall, LATCHFORD, WARRINGTON. This was led by Jim Smyth, Scotland. Sincere and keen interest was generated in the local community and the vigour of bold witness was renewed in the assembly. Two aspects of the campaign especially stand out. Firstly the meetings were well attended with a significant proportion of the congregation representing the surrounding area. The assembly is convinced that the Lord was in the work by nature of the seed sown, through the character of the receptive ground and also in the subsequent blessing. Spiritual ignorance was removed in some lives and a backslider of longstanding was restored to the Lord. Secondly the assembly is already displaying the benefits of this gospel thrust. Believers put their backs into the work. Individual growth is in evidence and a drawing closer together of the assembly members was achieved. For the opportunity presented and the blessing bestowed the assembly at Latchford is truly grateful to the Lord.

A report from Howard Barnes tells of blessing in the WIRRAL assemblies through the ministry of the Word. Throughout the winter and spring months, a weekly rally is held. Eight of the seventeen assemblies act as hosts by rotation. The past sessions saw much encouragement with ministering brethren coming from all parts of the British Isles. The Lord’s blessing is seen in these gatherings which have been in being for over twenty years and continue with the constant support of believers. WIRRAL and LIVERPOOL district assemblies joined together in the Annual Merseyside Easter Conference. Much blessing was felt from the ministry given by A. Maunder, J. Flannigan and W. Gardiner.

G. Bourne sends us interesting news concerning the assembly at BURY, Lancs. Thirty-seven years ago the assembly purchased the premises of an established chapel and called it Benson Street Gospel Chapel. Since then they have had to use a nearby assembly for their baptisms. Recently they have installed their own baptistry and on the first occasion it was used to baptize eleven young people. Their ages ranged from 14-17 years and 3 boys and 8 girls obeyed the Lord’s command. At the service about 115 parents, relatives and friends gathered to witness the event. A couple who were recently saved at a Methodist Church attended, and have since been baptized. It is at BURY that the Lancashire Gospel Tent is planned D.V. with S. McKenzie and A. Pollard. The Greater MANCHESTER Missionary Conference was held at CHEETHAM and was well attended. Interest in the Lord’s work was deepened as reports were given by Messrs. Rowberry of India, Dexter of Japan and Frear of Morocco. Profitable ministry was given by S. McKenzie.

North East England

An interesting time was experienced at the Annual TYNESIDE Sunday School Conference. The speakers were Lennox Prentice and Robert Wallace. Practical guidance was given in the preparation and presentation of a lesson and also the use of video equipment and Christian video tapes which are now available. Robert Wallace has used this means of gospel presentation very successfully with parents of the Sunday School scholars. With so many people having video equipment in their homes it is interesting to watch the growth of this medium of testimony. The assembly at Pallion Road, SUNDERLAND, invited John Spiers of Scotland and Gospel Literature Outreach to conduct a two weeks campaign. After much preparation work had been done in prayer, visitation and advertisement on local radio, the assembly saw good attendances at all of the meetings. Coffee mornings were also held and many were contacted in this way. The Word was faithfully proclaimed and while no professions were made many heard the gospel for the first time. The seed being well sown will no doubt bring its harvest in due season.


The believers who have gathered at Charles Street Gospel Hall WORCESTER were greatly encouraged as a new hall was opened at Cranham Drive, Warndon. This new building, Cranham Evangelical Church, is in the heart of a large housing estate surrounded by thousands of needy folk. For many years a testimony has been held at Charles Street, and there have been times of blessing. However, people have moved away and outreach work has become difficult. The children have been brought in from Warndon for a long time and conversions have been seen among young people from the estate. So it was that about a year ago the Lord opened the way for a plot of land to be purchased and gradually a fine building has been erected to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. March 30th-31st saw the opening with an Exhibition called “What we Believe” and good numbers of local people and others were introduced to the assembly in this way. A week’s outreach activities followed, conducted by Robert McPhie, Ray Cawston and a team from Gospel Literature Outreach. Many contacts were made, entrance to local schools was given and large numbers of children attended the children’s meetings. This proved to be an encouraging time of introduction to the people. On May 5th a Thanksgiving Conference was held. About 200 believers gathered and the architect and builders were there. A joyful time of praise to the Lord was enjoyed and Gordon Probert of Cardiff gave us a challenging word of ministry. ‘The Lord has done great things for us’—this was the theme of praise.

Some brief news of the work of Ruth Bourne among the Bengalis in BIRMINGHAM. Ruth has felt that her work in this sphere in its present form is virtually at an end, and she is seeking the Lord’s guidance as to the future. A few immigrant families are still visited. Especially think of Abdul who was baptized before Christmas. Since then Satan has been very active and Abdul still does not feel it polite to tell the Jehovah Witnesses to stay away. His English is very limited and he needs prayer that he will grow in grace and also that his wife and children will be saved. The need has highlighted for a Bengali Christian family to live and work among these families. Jim Chauhan, who is already working among Asians, has started a Tuesday Bible Study which a few attend and has also started a Sunday afternoon Asian fellowship for Asian Christians and interested contacts. These meetings are being held in English but will be translated into other languages as necessary. Audrey Smith continues her work of visiting and teaching the women English.

Ivor Powell sends news of a regular children’s meeting on the Grange Estate, DAVENTRY, which gives much cheer. About 30-35 attend. The meetings are held in the Community Centre. The meetings begin at 4 p.m. just as they are leaving school. It is wonderful how the children come and listen attentively and amazing how much they take in. Encouragement has come as the parents of the children are visited. Our brother has just started visitation work on a new private estate. Ivor Cooper tells of the use of a Holiday Club at LILLINGTON, Leamington, to reach many children and young people with the Good News. Phil Overton continues to consolidate the work begun with the young people.

News from the SWINDON area tells mainly of ministry meetings held in various assemblies. John Glenville conducted a week’s meetings on the Holy Spirit at WROUGHTON. In ten local assemblies Sam Jennings of Bangor N.I. gave ministry which was greatly appreciated. The PARK Good Friday Conference was well attended with S. Mountstevens and Tom Smith giving ministry. The Spring Conference at WROUGHTON was shared by Rowan Jennings and Jim Hutchinson of Belfast. This was well attended. Philip Lambert conducted a most encouraging mission in the small assembly at NORTHLEIGH and there was a good response with children and young people. Some trusted the Saviour and they need prayer, as also do the families that were contacted.

London Area

A letter comes from the BISHOP’S STORTFORD assembly which begins, “This is a joyous letter that we pen”. They are a company of believers who are faithful to the Lord and to His Word and they say that they are seeing a movement that is completely unnatural and can only be attributed to the Spirit of God. They held the first baptismal service in the new hall and two obeyed the Lord in baptism. Brethren in the assembly shared the meeting and it was a blessed time. Already following this three more have asked to be baptized and the occasion has been fixed. Care is taken by the elders in interviewing the candidates to make sure that they understand the serious nature of the step they are taking. It is hoped to continue the work at Cherith House on a monthly basis from May to September.

We have news of the work of both South West and South East London Mobile Units, and there are some interesting snippets of news given. A worker reports on a visit on a cold and rainy Sunday night to

Piccadilly Circus/Leicester Square. After beginning in the Circus they were moved on by the police to avoid “obstructing the pavement”. The team moved on and two further messages were given. Contact was made with a young man from Eire who asked many questions and was obviously a seeker as he had previously read other Christian books. He was employed at a hotel and complained that fife in London could be very lonely. His address was taken so that contact could be kept. He needs prayer that he will find the Lord. A stand is planned at the EPSOM Show this year and the Lord continues to give much opportunity for personal witness.

The South East Unit has been active and visitation work was done in the area around PECKHAM not normally visited by the assembly there. Sadly there was not much response. On two Saturdays CATFORD area was visited. One who received a tract was a high churchman and an interesting conversation ensued. A visit to the STRAND revealed many who did not want to know about Christ and refused the offered tracts. A young man said that he knew about the dangers of hell but did not seem moved and did not respond. One believer contacted went away encouraged. At SOUTH NORWOOD a new area was tracted. Over 500 tracts were distributed and none refused although no one seemed to want to talk. The area around Richmond Gospel Hall, PLUMSTEAD, was visited and parents were encouraged to send their children to Sunday School.

A note comes from Martin Baker about work among Eastern Europeans in North West LONDON. Periodic Bible Studies are held in two homes in this district among Polish friends who are interested. The monthly meetings among Eastern Europeans are held and interest in the work continues. Martin Baker was able to visit various assemblies throughout the country with Mr. Czeslaw Mikulski from Warsaw. Profitable times were enjoyed. This brother needs much prayer as he seeks to further the Gospel Literature Work in Poland.

South and West England

Brief news from this area. Plans have been made to visit two Shows D.V. during the summer. David Wilcox will be having a display at the BATH & WEST Show and several assemblies will be helping with this effort.

Stephen Gillham will be setting up a smaller display at the DORCHESTER Show but hopes to have a more central site than before in one of the main avenues. The way is open again this year for open air witness to take place on WEYMOUTH sands and it is hoped that many holiday makers will be reached in this way. The large housing estate at TRICKETTS CROSS has had the interest of the assembly at WESTMOORS for several years. A site has been purchased with planning permission to erect a suitable building as a permanent place of testimony. Evangelist Bert Campbell has moved into the area with his wife from Cornwall and now lives on this estate. They have already made interesting contacts through house to house visitations and also a weekly children’s meeting is held. They also arrange meetings for Bible Study.

From TROWBRIDGE comes news of a Family Film series conducted by Philip Lambert and about 350—400 people came to see it. There were some who trusted the Lord as a result of the message of the films and others who received blessing. Over the past few months several who trusted the Lord at “Family Day” have been baptized.

South Wales

News of varied activities comes from Paul Young. At MANSELTON, Swansea, an eight day campaign was held. The children’s meetings were well attended and some interest was seen among the adults and youth. The film night attracted so many that a number had to be turned away. An informal coffee morning held in a house saw five unsaved ladies attending. The opportunity was given to go into a local comprehensive school and each morning conduct assembly. All year groups and staff were thus spoken to in the schools. One teenage girl professed faith in Christ. Opportunities have been given to speak to various Christian Unions in schools. At PENCOED Comprehensive a girl showed interest and enquired about commitment to Christ. At PANTYFFYNNON a children’s campaign was held. The response was good and attendances were encouraging. It was good to see enthusiasm and keenness among them. The believers at MAESTEG are still looking for a site to build a new hall. The children’s work, Sunday School and youth work continue and there are many opportunities for contact and counselling.

David Prosser speaks of time spent in his area of MACHEN, Gwent. Instances of contacts made highlight some of the problems encountered in modern evangelism with the breakdown of moral order and restraint. Yet God is working and positive conversions are seen.

Devon and Cornwall

Leonard Dan sends news of a witness at the SALTASH one day May Fair. In the town two stands were erected, one for Cornwall Postal Sunday School and one for Saltash Gospel Hall. Many portions of scriptures were distributed and good contacts were made both with adults and children for P.S.S. It was difficult to engage older folk in conversation even for a few minutes. Some young lads showed interest and received scripture portions. They listened well. The scriptures were well displayed as also was an advertisement of the Dial-a-Message Christian telephone service. In contacts made both the sadness and emptiness of life without Christ were seen. The telephone service brings contacts and opportunities for witness. Ken Rudge gives news of the HOLSWORTHY Goose Fair and a witness conducted by Stan Burditt, Chris Peters and David Ogden. Literature was distributed and response for Postal Sunday School was good. Some good contacts were made with passers by. John Hadley is planning and praying for the summer work with the Gospel Tent and would value prayer. A notice is given to holiday makers that the breaking of bread at ST. AUSTELL begins at 9. 45 a.m. and all believers are welcome.

Foreign News

Martin Baker speaks of POLAND as a land where God’s Word is being widely spread abroad over the radio, through Bible distribution and also through Christian literature. Many thousands of Bibles have been distributed by believers in the assemblies. This means that many unconverted people have been brought into personal contact with Christ. Gifts from the Lord’s people are much appreciated as they help to further this work. A matter for earnest prayer is that brethren may be able to take up the offer for Gospel Broadcasting solely produced by free assemblies on Trans-World Radio. The assemblies registered number 28 and preaching points 35.


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