Arthur Shearman

Our dear brother and fellow committee member, Arthur Shearman has decided, because of increasing age and his many commitments, to resign from the work of Precious Seed Committee.

Arthur first became associated with the work in 1972 when he was invited to join the committee. He has since then devoted thirty years to this service for the Lord. The magazine has always been to him a matter of his heart concern and through those years took on the considerable responsibilities of sending out back issues, editing the reports section and finally as articles editor. For some years he was also chairman of the committee.

We gladly own the strength of his balanced counsel that has enabled the work to hold the middle ground of scriptural assembly testimony and teaching over a number of lean and difficult years. His own quality of under-standing in the scriptures has produced a wealth of sound and helpful articles for the books and the magazine.

He pioneered the recent innovations that make the magazine so highly esteemed all over the world to the many assemblies that now receive it. We cannot thank the Lord enough for his longstanding commitment and ceaseless efforts to keep the work going.

We know that you will join us in our warm thanks and prayers for the Lord’s blessing upon both Arthur, and his wife Rae, as they continue to serve Him as He enables them from day to day.


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