Heol-y-gors, Swansea

About thirty years ago Sunday School work and Gospel Meetings were commenced in a cottage at the corner of Percy Street, Swansea. There were not more than about forty houses in the district. The surrounding areas were barren land and considered unsuitable for a housing estate. But God (knowing the future planning of this district, even before the local Council had considered it) planned and secured a portion of ground, where His name should be glorified and the Gospel preached. For many years, dear brethren, with a zeal for souls, crossed the fields from the Assemblies at Fforestfach and Manselton. Summer and Winter found these pioneers ever faithful in their labours for Him whom they loved. Praying and working for the glory of God, they continued steadfastly against all difficulties and discouragements. God honoured their faith. The work grew. A small hall, capable of seating about 100 people, was erected. A town planning scheme included the erection of hundreds of houses all around this plot where the little hall was established. “He knoweth all things.” Children flocked to the Sunday Schools. Numbers increased so quickly it became necessary to hold the School in two sessions. More houses were being erected and as the residential area developed so the numbers increased. Souls were being saved. In 1937 the Assembly at Ebenezer Gospel Hall was formed, and the little hall was inadequate to meet the growing need amongst young people. “Prove Me now, saith the Lord,” and the brethren got down before God, for the need of this vast parish was great. 7.0 a.m. Prayer Meetings were called for Sundays – God heard and answered prayer. In February, 1939, a new permanent building was commenced and even though the war intervened, a large building with a seating capacity for nearly 400 people was completed and God supplied every penny that was needed. “He is faithful that promised.”

God is blessing the labours of this young Assembly, and precious souls are being won for Christ. The Sunday School is still being held in two sessions and over 300 scholars attend.

In a recent Gospel Campaign, conducted by Mr. W. J. Paterson, of West Indies, 6.0 a.m. Prayer Meetings were the order of the day throughout the campaign and an all-night meeting on the Saturday. Result: hundreds came to hear the good old Gospel Story night after night, the campaign was extended, 41 souls professed to accept the Saviour, about 27 of these being fruit from the Sunday School. “We shall reap if we faint not.”

Please pray for this work.


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