In recent decades there has been a seismic shift in the way people obtain and share information. The home computer and the innovations of the smartphone and tablet have all been integral to this steady but sure revolution. Touchscreen devices have simplified interaction with technology, making it accessible to people of all ages. Commonly, children and great-grandparents alike are seen using these devices.

Such open and accessible forms of information and communication carry obvious risks, meaning caution is needed in this environment. However, the internet also presents an opportunity to propagate the gospel to a wide audience. As the early preachers obeyed our Lord’s instruction and moved out with the gospel, they were careful to ensure that they adhered to its essence,whilst gaining the attention of their audience through relevant means. Acts chapter 17 illustrates this point.

With the arrival of the digital age, the High Street has suffered and, as the online marketplace continues to grow, stores are realizing the need to adjust. Although the reasons behind it may be different, ‘church attendance’ continues to decline and there is a need for us to adapt to these circumstances.

Since the famous revival in the early 20th century, servants of the gospel in Wales have faithfully sought to preach the message of salvation to many.It is now our responsibility of delivering this same message to the present generation. The Bible is commonly considered irrelevant and it is a sad fact that many children today are being raised in an environment that leaves them ignorant of the truth. However, the word of God remains unchanged and the message of the gospel is as relevant and powerful as ever.

We know that ‘faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God’,Rom.10.17,and the parable of the sower reveals that the seed of the word is to be sown everywhere. Whilst personal witness amongst family, colleagues and neighbours continues to be a crucial evangelistic work, the Lord’s commission was for the gospel to reach ‘every creature’.1An individual’s response to the gospel is their own solemn responsibility, but, like Ezekiel, who was made a watchman to the house of Israel,2conveying the message to souls in peril is ours. is an effort to keep up with current trends by presenting this life-giving message to today’s generation on a platform with which many are comfortable. The opening statement of the website summarizes its main objective:

  • ‘Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, told his followers to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel”.
  • ‘As Christians, this is the message we want the people of Wales to hear’.

The website has a modern but distinctly ‘heritage’ look, intended to make visitors feel welcome.Today, many people are put off by reams of writing, and even moderate bodies of text are only lightly scanned or set aside altogether. Therefore ‘The Gospel’ web page is succinct,and scripture verses form a prominent part. An‘Audio’ page has been collated,using material originally produced for radio by ‘your542day’.3

As well as being informative, the website is intended to offer a point of contact to stimulate and assist in outreach work, especially where there is no Christian testimony. Many who distribute gospel leaflets will confirm that these are still read and remain a viable method of communicating the gospel. aims to complement such a ministry rather than replace it. Hopefully, individuals who may be uncomfortable entering a perceived ‘religious building’,or speaking with someone directly, will make contact at their own leisure to request a free Bible or seek answers to their questions.

Assemblies are encouraged to make use of Gospel Wales resources on their print media.4 At present,this includes logos and stationery footers in a variety of colour formats and a QR code for a direct link to the website. Additionally, an ‘Events’ page displays leaflets and posters promoting upcoming gospel endeavours. Where an assembly has their own website,a link can be incorporated.

This venture is very much in its infancy and the prayers of the Lord’s people would be a great encouragement. Other development potential is being explored for the furtherance of the gospel of God and the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Mark 16. 15.


Ezek. 33. 1-9.


Your 542 day produces 5-minute messages for use on radio, telephone and internet. For further information, visit .


For further information, please contact [email protected] or visit the website.


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