Not Listening

During an intense part of the fighting which took place in the Western Desert, a group of 8th Army Tank Corps men could be seen gathered around a senior officer. Hard fighting lay behind them and plenty of activity was certainly ahead ere the enemy would finally be driven out! Away on their right in the distance could be seen the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, and on their left a great distance away a large hill tapered down on the horizon. The officer spoke in a quiet voice and with few words: “The task with which you are entrusted is to occupy the hill and thus ensure the safety of the main body of troops as they advance. This is of vital importance.”

Twenty tanks were detailed for this task and the men were soon busy making preparations for the order to move away. When this came there was a roar of engines, and a cloud of dust rose in the air as the tanks raced towards their objective. The officer stood watching them from his place of control, with a radio officer ready to pass on any further orders. A R.A.F. reconnaissance plane roared overhead.

Only a minute or two had elapsed when a message was received from R.A.F. Headquarters which changed the whole plan. “The pilot reports that the hill is occupied by the enemy and heavily armed.” It was a tense moment, for the tanks with their brave crews were heading for certain destruction.

The order - “Operation abandoned: Return to base" – was sent out immediately by the radio officer in obedience to the instructions of the senior commander. Anxiously watching through his field-glasses, the officer saw the ten tanks on the right flank take an encircling movement and commence to return. Hut the remainder pressed on!

"Repeat the order quickly," he called. Again the order was clearly announced, but still they went on and, without warning, enemy guns opened tire and eventually destroyed them!

Why did they not turn back when ordered to do so? The answer is simple. They were not “Listening out" for orders. Their wireless sets were turned off and the orders fell upon closed ears. Ten crews were obedient and saved–ten were disobedient and lost.

How many boys and girls are going to think over this incident and listen to the Word of God? How many are going to listen and OBEY the Word of God?

God calls upon you in His Word to hear and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ who died for YOU at the place called Calvary, when wicked men nailed Him to the tree. In John, chapter 10, verse 9, Jesus says, “I am the Door, by Me if any man enter in, he shall be saved.”

To close your eyes and ears to these words is to be like the tank crews, “Not listening," and you arc in danger of the enemy of souls, who will lure you to the Broad road that leads to destruction.



The Hidden Text was Psalm 119. 165: “Great peace have-they which love Thy law: and nothing shall offend them.” There was a record number of entries for tins competition. Of the 55 from those over 12, 32 had every word and reference right, but only 4 had perfect punctuation. From these, the prize for the best entry goes to Catherine Robinson (14) of Sunderland; the others were Agnes Boyd (12½), Barbara Robinson (13) and Julia Cutland (16). Of the 46 from those under 12, 21 had no mistakes except in punctuation, and 4 were perfect. The best of these was from Elaine Rich (9½), of Felpham, who wins the junior prize; the others were from Marilyn Lugg (11), Ruth Wickham (8½) and Andrew Hiddleston (11).

T. J. L.


"When I Think How They Crucified My Lord"

Some of you will know this lovely but sad hymn. Have you ever noticed just what people did to the Lord before and during the Crucifixion? Make a list, from the four Gospels, of all the different things they did to Him, from the time when Judas betrayed Him with a kiss until His friends took His body to bury it. Give the reference (Gospel, chapter and verse) for each item ; add your name, age and address ; and send your entry to Mr. T. J. Lawson, c/o 52 St. Leonard’s Road, Windsor, Berks., so that it reaches him by Tuesday, 27th March. Prizes will be given for the best entries from those under and over twelve on March 1st.

T. J. L.


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