Outline Studies in Hebrews, Chapter 10



This chapter gives much of the biography of the Lord’s life: incarnation, 5; conversation, 7; dedication, 10; ministra-tion, 12; His work in sanctification, 14j administration, 21; rejection, 29; His expectation, 13.

1. The Weakness of the Law Emphasised, vv. 1-4.
Failure not fulness; shadow but not substance, 1.
Repetitionnotremission;disappointmentinsteadof deliverance, 2. Remembrance not removal of sins, 3; see Lev. 16.

2.The Will of God Expounded, vv. 5-10.

Expressed in a sinless Man – His body “prepared” had no taint or trace of sin.

Exemplified in a surrendered life - “to do thy will”, 9. Expounded in the sacred volume - “written of me”, 7. Exhibited in sacrificial death - “once for all”, 10.

3. The Work of Christ is Effective, w. 11-14.

Old priesthood marked by drudgery - “standeth”, 11.

New priesthood marked by rest - “sat down”, 12.

Christ fulfilled every shadow and God removed the old system, 9. An eternal sacrifice - “for ever”; an exalted Priest - “sat down”; an effective work – enemies defeated, 13. Entire sanctification, 14, this being the work of Christ in this Epistle.

4. The Witness of the Spirit Enjoyed, vv. 15-18.
Assurance granted; witness is “to” not “in” us, 15.
Assessment made; terms of the covenant, 16.
Announcement made; “will I remember no more”, 17.
Atonement accomplished; “no more offering”, 18.

5. The Way into the Holiest Opened, vv. 19-25.
Freedom for all saints, 19-22; fellowship with all saints, 23-25. Privilege of approach - “brethren”; price of access - “blood of Jesus".

Dedicated by the Lord, open to the saints. Perfect assurance – because of a “great priest”, 21, 22 r.v. Privileges exercised by the saints, 22-25. Exercise of faith - upward, because of access. Exercise of hope - forward, because of assurance. Exercise of love - outward, because of association.

6. The Wilful Sin Exposed, vv. 26-31.
Possibility of sin – after a knowledge of the truth, 26.
Solemn prospect of judgment – fearful expectation, 27 r.v.
Principle of judgment – law of Moses, 28.

Proof from Scripture – vengeance is His, 30-31.

7. Words of Exhortation and Encouragement, w. 32-39.
Encouragement of former days, 32-34. The light enjoyed, 32; the suffering endured, 32; sympathy extended and sacrifice exhibited, 34.

Exhortation for future days, 35-39. A call to courage, 35; need of continuance, 36; the cheer of His coming, 37; the challenge to our hearts, 39.

Suggestions for Study. Give an outline of the advent, activity, achievements and assurance of Christ as found here. Note the “way in” which is doctrinal, chs. 1-10, and the “way out”, 10. 26 to 13. 25, which is practical. Appropriate your possessions.


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