Question: Attitude of Young Believers in Assembly


What attitude should young believers adopt when they look on things within the Assembly which do not agree with New Testament principles?


It is sad indeed if in an assembly there exists anything which is contrary to N.T. principles, though far too often is this the case. Young believers will surely be able to find one sympathetic elder brother in the assembly who shares the grief with them; to him they should open their hearts. In the impetuosity of youth, however, there is often the liability to exceed that which is proper and against this the young believer must beware. He must always remember that older saints are more likely to be wiser than himself. He must at least give credit for sincerity and a desire to obey the Lord on the part of those who sanction what he disapproves: as a young believer he must be cautious not to be arrogant. No hard and fast rules can be laid down as to what further should be done: the Lord will make known His mind at the time and for the occasion.


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