The Chairman retires

For those of us who have known and worked with Roy Hill over the years of his involvement with Precious Seed, it is difficult to envisage the ministry without his advice, guidance, and leadership. Yet, on 31st August 2014, we have to say farewell as Roy decided it is time to step down from the Trust.

Roy Hill joined the Precious Seed Committee in May 1986, becoming chairman in January 1998. Thus, 2014 will see him complete twenty-eight years of service to this work, with sixteen of those years as the chairman of the Trust. Just a cursory glance at the history of the work would indicate that 1997-98 was a difficult time. The magazine that started with six copies per year had reduced to five copies and, from January 1998, was moving to four copies per year. Equally, other changes had taken place in terms of the personnel involved. The retirement of the editor, the death of the former treasurer, and the joining of new members meant the work was going through a difficult time of transition. Roy, never one to avoid a challenge, has steered us through those years, and into the 21st century. He has brought his considerable experience and expertise in the printing and publishing business to bear upon this work and has transformed it, whilst at the same time maintaining its adherence to scriptural truth.

It is difficult to summarize the significance of the contribution that Roy has made to the work. Above all, he has been its ambassador, its visionary, and its guide. He has continuously developed the presentation of the magazine without diluting its content, increased and streamlined the number of books published, led the work into providing gospel literature in the form of Faith Matters and the calendars, enabled authors to see their labours in print through Decapolis Press, and, in recent years, led two successful and popular Precious Seed trips to Israel.

Whilst it is difficult to envisage the work without him, we now have another transition to manage. We would seek the Lord’s help, and the prayerful support of His people. To Roy Hill we express our deepest thanks and appreciation, wishing him the Lord’s continued blessing in his other ongoing ministries.


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