We thank God and take courage

WE are too conscious of shortcomings to become complacent over the reception which “ Precious Seed “ continues to receive – rather we are thankful to God for His help in a task to which we can give but a small proportion of our time. Numerous appreciations continue to reach us- more than we can spare space to quote. If we give a selection from time to time it is because we feel that friends who support the effort are entitled to know that the magazine is proving useful. Readers will notice in the following that in some cases whole assemblies value the little book, that young people especially are being helped, and that testimonies come from a wide area at home and abroad,

“Most helpful and instructive – a stimulant and help, especially to young people “ (Yorkshire).” We warmly appreciate the high standard “ (Lanarkshire). “ We are very grateful for your maga-zine and appreciate the sound and solid ministry it provides “ (London). “ The assembly here much appreciate its publication – it is meeting a long-felt want “ (London). “ Its Scriptural and edifying ministry is often spoken of in the assembly here “ (Essex). “ Calculated to help and instruct the people of God, young and old “ (New Zealand). “ I have never seen anything like it. It is the need of the day “ (New York). “ We all look forward to each number – may the Lord bless this most necessary work “ (Bristol). “ Most valuable – enlightened as I read it “ (an Indian believer). ” Encouraging to have such sound literature “ (Hampshire). “ Fine Biblical tone “ (Brazil). ” Young people find the magazine most helpful" (Kent). "Thoroughly enjoy this ministry by gifted brethren. The articles on Bible Doctrine are just the food required by babes in Christ “ (Norfolk). ” We feel sure it is used of God “ (Devon). “ Gets better and better every issue." “ Greatly valued for its spiritual help and profitable truth “ (Dorset). “ Have re-ceived blessing and help. True edification “ (Ireland). ” Con-fidently recommend to other young Christians “ (fife). “ Appre-ciated by all in our assembly. Quality is high, not too voluminous, but satisfying “ (Yorkshire). ” Very pleased with its contents – ever back to the Scriptures “ (Hampshire). “ It gets better every issue “ (Manchester). “ Soundly Scriptural and remains unpre-judiced and completely balanced in expository ministry. Deeply appreciated by all “ (E. Lothian).