A Son is Revealed

160pp. £5.95, published by Evangelical Press, Grange Close, Faverdale North Industrial Estate, Darlington, D13 0PH. ISBN 0-85234-418-X

The style of Mark’s writing in this shortest of the gospels is matched, in measure, by that of Dr. Uprichard in this brief survey of Christ’s life and ministry as presented by Mark. So much detail, of deeds and words, is provided in such short compass by the writer of the divinely inspired text, that the effect upon the reader is breathtaking. Thereby we gain some idea of the absolute devotion, and urgency of response, that characterized the Perfect Servant in His action-packed life on earth. Under eight chapter headings, each a reference to the Person of Christ, the author reviews in lively, pithy style the impact He made, so justifying the book’s sub-title, ‘Discovering Christ in THE GOSPEL OF MARK’.


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