An Unknown Road

33pp. £9.95. Published by John Ritchie Ltd, 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, Scotland KA3 1RH. ISBN 1-904064-03-5

The sub-title of this most interesting book, A record of the faithfulness of God, indicates the tone adopted by its authors in telling their story of life-long service in the mission field.

As World War 2 took its course, the newly-married couple were separated by vast distances. However, it was in such circumstances that both partners, individually, heard God’s call to full-time service in the mission field; it was an irresistible call. An account of their initial experiences in Palestine, just prior to the establishment of the state of Israel, makes fascinating reading. With the whole region in a state of ferment at that time, and large numbers of Palestinian refugees moving on to the country of Jordan, the Howells themselves felt compelled to go in that direction. They remained in Jordan, serving as missionaries, until 1956 when they moved on to nearby Lebanon. Twenty years later the outbreak of civil war brought their ministry in Lebanon to an end, and the Lord’s direction took them to France to work for the next few years amongst Arab immigrants from North Africa. Recent events in the Middle East have demonstrated the manifold difficulties confronting the Lord’s servants who would seek to present the Christian gospel in an area dominated by Islam. The authors of this book demonstrate how God is able to guide and protect in the most hostile of circumstances, so that His servants might be able, if willing, to fulfil His commission to go into ‘all the world’ to preach His gospel.