The Essential Attributes of God

80pp. £4.90. Published by Challenger Publishing, 3 Netherton Place, Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland EH47 8JG. ISBN 0-9541240-0-6

Knowledge of God should be recognized as the highest point attainable in any process of learning. It is something begun in time, that for the child of God holds promise of its pursuance, and development, for evermore. The enjoyment of our position before God, through grace, and of the eternal life He bestows, is inextricably bound up with it, cf. John 17.3. How strange, then, that we fail to explore the amazing truths concerning the Person of God that are set out in His word! Here is a book to promote such exploration, and the result can only be to worship in His presence. Five brethren have contributed to this book, writing under the headings, The ‘Omniscience’ … ‘Omnipresence’ … ‘Immutability’ … ‘Omnipotence’ … ‘Eternity of God’. The expressed aim of this work is that it might help to restore in believers ‘a sense of the glory and the greatness and the majesty of God’. We fully support such an objective, and warmly commend this book to our readers.


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