An Unshakeable Kingdom, by Dr. David Gooding

An Unshakeable Kingdom, by Dr. David Gooding (172 pages); £1.21; 2.50 U.S. dollars. Everyday Publications, 230 Glebemount Avenue, Toronto, Canada M4C 3T4. (Postage included in price. Cheques in Sterling are acceptable).

It is good to see another book from the pen of our brother and one-time contributor, Dr. David Gooding, although as the author explains in his preface, the book is really a slightly edited transcription of some informal talks given some years ago. The style of one talking rather than one writing therefore pervades the book. And this makes the book very easy reading, which is an advantage since the book takes the reader through the Epistle to the Hebrews chapter by chapter, picking out the important features of an argument originally designed to help Jewish believers who were having difficulty with their faith. The author explains carefully what these defects in faith were, and how these can be overcome by presenting the Person and work of Christ as eternally better than the Old Testament tabernacle economy of shadows. All the familiar “difficult passages” are treated in a delightfully simple way. All younger believers could profit from possessing and reading this book, since the style is really suitable for them, though more mature teachers can also glean much help from its pages. The book is very well produced in large type, and excellent value for just over one pound.


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