Be Angry and Sin Not

Paperback, 118pp, Published by Gospel Folio Press, 304 Killaly St. West, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. ISBN 1-897117-05-1

This is an interesting book on an unusual subject and one that the author has thoroughly researched. Throughout the book, the subject is placed in its correct scriptural setting and human anger is explained and contrasted with the anger of God. The writer is quick to expand on the importance of his subject when he quotes from another, ‘In the Garden, Peter was slow to hear, swift to speak, and swift to anger – and he almost killed a man with the sword. Many church fights are the result of short tempers and hasty words’.

The book covers the truth as to the character of divine anger, as well as the testimony of Moses, King Saul, and King David, and teaches us what righteous anger is, but how anger can also be mishandled. In investigating the causes of anger he deals with the cases of Samson, Nehemiah, Cain, and Rachel. In seeking to present the antidotes to anger he mentions the example of the Lord and offers four practical techniques to manage our problem.

Living in a hostile world we are bombarded by things that are grieving and dishonouring to God. We still possess a nature that can respond to those external factors and lead us into sin. This book is worth reading for its sage advice: ‘If you are full of Christ when you get bumped in life – Christ will come out, if you are full of the flesh – the flesh will come out’.


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