What the Bible Teaches – Song of Solomon and Isaiah

Authors: J. M. Flanigan and J. M. Riddle. Hardback, 636pp. Published by John Ritchie Ltd., 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, KA3 1RH, UK. Price £18.95, ISBN 1 904064 30 2

Both writers of this latest volume in the What the Bible Teaches series will be well known as contributors to this magazine or its publications as well as for their oral ministry over a wide area. Although the series is not intended to provide a verse by verse study of Old Testament books there is plenty of detail, both in the consideration of the text as well as the teaching that can be drawn from it. However, this volume, dealing as it does with the Song, is also deeply devotional and Christ-exalting.

Mr Flanigan’s interpretation of the Song of Solomon follows the typical line seeing much that speaks of the love of Christ for His church as well as the love of individuals for their Lord and Saviour. Mr Riddle’s exposition of Isaiah is equally thorough, well researched and orthodox. He shows the importance of chapters 36-39 as the connecting link between the period of Assyrian domination, given in chapters 1-35, and that of Babylonian ascendance, covering chapters 40-66. Over them all, Mr. Riddle writes, ‘the Lord demonstrated His mighty power’.

This book is highly recommended to all who have an interest in the study of the word of God. It will be an asset to any believer’s library.


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