Book Review

First Epistle to the Corinthians. By Dr. John Heading. Pp. 284. 25s. John Ritchie Ltd., Kilmarnock.

As a joint Editor of Precious Seed the writer of this excellent book is well known. Here is a volume of real worth; lucid, thoughtful and eminently practical. In an opening paragraph the author informs us that his aim has been to produce such an exposition of the Epistle that might be useful to Christians generally, and to provide at the same time many ideas for believers preparing for ministry, Bible study meetings, or young believers’ classes; and this he has done in a most satisfactory manner. In dealing with the lesser known portions of this Epistle Dr. Heading shows scholarship, insight and skill, and here we like him best. We warmly recommend this book to our readers. A word of praise is due to the publishers; the typography, paper and general “get up” of this volume is excellent. C. G;


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