Brother Beloved – the life of R. C. Chapman

The book has been well produced by the Victory Press and is obtainable at (5/- (postage, fid. extra) from K. Swaine Bourne, 352 Ridgaire Rd, Birmingham 32, or from bookshops and colporteurs. It has not been published for profit and is good value.

“Brother Indeed.” This is the title of a fresh study of the life of Robert C. Chapman, the Barnstaple patriarch, by Frank Holmes, who painstakingly gathered the material and made a very readable story of it, when he was in North Devon as a minister of the Free Church of England. One cannot help wondering whether the author’s investigations helped to form convictions which later led to his coming into fellowship with believers who are seeking (o follow the simple New Testament pattern. “R. C. C.” were familial initials to believers a. generation ago, for Mr. Chapman was widely known for his Christ-like life and much quoted because of his quaint and homely wisdom. Mr. Holmes has rendered a real service in making available to the present generation the valuable lessons to be learnt from the long and eventful life of this venerable servant of Christ.


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