Faith: A Symposium of Bible Doctrine

359pp, £8.95. Published by John Ritchie Ltd., 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock KA3 1RH. ISBN 0-946351-85-6.

The list of books that are devoted to a review of Bible doctrine is long, and ever lengthening. Therefore, the reissuing of this particular volume, almost half a century after its original publication, might be considered extravagant in that it adds nothing to what is currently available. The main recommendation of this book is that it is highly readable, in marked contrast to many of the others on offer. To deal with profound matters concerning ‘the faith’ in terms of easy communication is no mean task, and tribute must be paid to those authors handed responsibility for writing the twenty-five chapters that make up the book. In his day, each of the authors was regarded as an outstanding teacher, and qualified to write with authority on the subject allocated to him.

Obviously, their submissions represent a range of writing styles, but this can only add to their interest as far as non-specialist readers are concerned (and these must represent the majority!) There are four helpful appendices – ‘How we got our Bible’, ‘The Virgin Birth’, ‘The Kenosis Theory’, ‘Atonement and Reconciliation‘ – and an extensive general and scriptural indices, and bibliography.

Here is a book to open the minds of readers as to God’s greatness, His purposes, and the wonders of His salvation ‘to us-ward who believe’.


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