Floods upon the Dry Ground -The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

(122 pages). 60p plus 5p postage (see rear cover of magazine).

This latest addition to our range of Precious Seed publications should satisfy the spiritual appetite of every reader. In these days when foreign teaching is abroad relating to the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, it is needful and refreshing that an exposition of this kind be placed in the hands of the Lord’s people. Here is no controversy or criticism; the author, now with the Lord, is positive in his treatment, remaining completely on Scriptural ground throughout. The first – the larger – part of the book is entitled “Spirit Statement”, where doctrine and practice are treated. Topics such as the Spirit’s Personality and Deity, together with His work in Inspiration and the Incarnation commence the book. After that, the Spirit in the World, in the Believer, in the Church, and in the Local Church, are treated comprehensively, the second and fourth of these subjects receiving particularly embracive coverage. The second – the shorter – part is entitled “Spirit Symbol”, and discusses nine symbols used to describe the Spirit’s operations, such as water, a dove, a seal, dew and fire, to name a few.

All who sincerely believe in the influence and power of the Spirit today should read this book carefully and prayerfully. It will prove to be a spiritual tonic to younger believers who need instruction and correction, and to more mature Christians who delight to read fresh outlines of truths firmly held. The book should be available at about the same time as this review is in the hands of readers, who may like to know that it has been printed on thicker paper than we normally use, to form, with an attractive coloured glossy card cover, a useful addition to readers’ libraries, or perhaps a pleasing gift to a friend.


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