The Epistles to the Corinthians

(XII-f 224 pages). Gospel Literature Service, Bombay. 6op plus postage. Available from Pickering and Inglis; J. Ritchie, and Northern Publishing House, Northern Ireland.

Many have profited over the years from the written ministry of J. M. Davies. His more recent titles include The Lord and the Churches, The Christian’s Statue of Liberty, and in our own Publications Colossians and Philemon.

In this latest exposition, the author has achieved conciseness by reducing the introductory material to a minimum, and by dealing with the text in paragraphs. However, more space is given to the difficult or more important phrases. The result is a brief and helpful aid to the understanding of these Epistles from which many would profit.

Additionally, throughout the exposition, the author often introduces suggestive subject summaries on such topics as the New Testament mysteries, the use of “leaven** in Scripture, the use of the word “spiritual" in the New Testament, etc. Another feature is the apt illustration of New Testament truths from the Old Testament, a field in which the author excels. For example, the phrase “with all in every place” is compared with the oneness and unity of the nation of Israel, whilst the strife in the assembly, and its effects, are illustrated from the Midianite attacks upon Israel. These features make the book specially useful to the preacher and student alike.

The author is particularly aware of problems that confront many of God’s people today, and has given considerable space to the subject of spiritual gifts, the New Testament teaching concerning the baptism of the Spirit, the Lord’s supper, etc. This further enhances the value of the book in providing timely counsel for all.

We thoroughly recommend it to our readers. Buy it and read it, for if the author has found it “of great benefit to glean among the sheaves, (to) beat it out and seek thereby to provide food for the family of God and the preaching of the gospel”, we also are sure to be benefited from this storehouse of good things. C.H.


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