Gowandale Adventure and other stories for boys

Paperback, 96pp. Published by Day One Publications, Ryelands Road, Leominster, HR6 8NZ Price £5, ISBN 1-84625-070-5

‘It is hard being a Christian, and trying to live for God among our friends. Mark is a normal boy who, like us, doesn’t always find it easy to understand and put into practice what God says in the Bible’. This forms the context for the five fictional stories that make up this book. These stories deal with the subjects of: obedience to parents; God’s plan for our lives; teamwork and the importance of each individual standing up for what he believes; and putting God first in our lives.

Ruth Burke has brought together situations which will resonate with many youngsters and which could be helpful in emphasizing the truth of the word of God. Although some may not like the writer’s use of the NIV translation in occasional scripture quotations, for children in the 7-13 age range this is a valuable title. It might be used as a suitable prize for young believers or as an encouragement to those struggling with similar issues.


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