Great Truths of the Bible

By Phil Coulson. Paperback, 48 pp, Published by John Ritchie Ltd., 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, KA3 1RH. Price £3.50. ISBN 1-904064-25-6

This book is a collection of short articles previously published in the Believer’s Magazine on nine great gospel words – redemption, justification, sanctification, consecration, propitiation, predestination, identification, election, and glorification. It has now been printed in booklet form. The writer says in his introduction to the first of these words, ‘The misunderstanding and consequent misuse of scriptural words may lead to confusion and even result in wrong doctrine’. Against such a background, the writer sets about his task of writing about each ‘with a view to a greater understanding of the terminology of our calling’. It is a task that he accomplishes with skill.

As no article is longer than seven pages, individual sections could be read as required or the whole book used as a reference tool. This is a book that will be a blessing to all that read it as it presents the truth of God concisely and in a way that is readable. The writer tackles problems in a manner that is balanced and, through appropriate illustrations, seeks to make difficult concepts understandable. To make the book, and its important truth, accessible to a wide audience is an outcome that is commendable and one that the author has admirably achieved. I warmly recommend this book.


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