What the Bible Teaches – Exodus

By John Grant. Hardback, 509 pages, Published by John Ritchie Ltd, 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, KA3 1RH Price £18.95. ISBN 1 904064 26 4

This is the most recent production in the ‘What the Bible Teaches’ series from John Ritchie Ltd. The author, John Grant, is well known for both his oral and written ministry, and as editor of Believer’s Magazine.

Exodus follows the pattern of others in the Old Testament series, in dealing with chapters by subject division rather than verse by verse. However, in many of the chapters each verse is touched upon and explained, with no loss to the overall understanding and fluency of the narrative. This particular structure does give opportunity to avoid dealing with any difficult passages, if the author is so inclined! Not so Mr. Grant! Each subject is dealt with fully, based upon sound reasoning and scriptural principles. As would be expected from this author, there are plenty of practical lessons and exhortations from which believers of all ages can benefit by making application to their own lives. The scripture text is not included, so the reader will need to keep a Bible to hand in order to follow and appreciate the teaching.

For many students of scripture, most books are used as a reference library. However, this book, while retaining its expository value, is eminently readable. It is, in fact, written with a continuity of style which draws the reader on from chapter to chapter. Footnotes are thankfully kept to a minimum, and those given could have been incorporated in the main text without undue disruption. As it is, the reader must interrupt the narrative in order to refer to further detail at the end of each chapter.

For those with an interest in historical background, there is an outline of the structure and development of Egyptian society, together with an insight into cultural and religious details which enhance our understanding of the early chapters of Exodus.

The section which deals with the giving of the law, and of its relevance to our present society, is particularly helpful. The chapters covering the design and construction of the tabernacle, complete with illustrations and appropriate application to the Lord Jesus, could almost justify production as a separate book!

Extra space has been devoted to the key passages and subjects of Exodus throughout the book, while some are further developed in appendices at the end. The overall result is a book which will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to any believer’s library.


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