Heaven is a far better place

By Eryl Davies; 256pp, £7.95. Published by Evangelical Press, Grange Close, Faverdale North Industrial Estate, Darlington DL3 0PH. ISBN: 085234-423-6.

Every believer in Christ looks ahead, with glad anticipation, to a reserved place in heaven. But what kind of place is heaven? This well-written book attempts to clarify by means of sound biblical teaching many of those misconceptions that abound as to the location, characteristics and privileges of this wondrous place. Hymnology is not to be trusted in this respect for it presents a sentimental, idealized version of what Scripture teaches. The teaching of sects and other religions may be disregarded, as may also the frightening ideas propounded by the Roman Catholic Church of a purgatorial experience to which the imperfect are subjected immediately after death, before eventual entrance to eternal bliss. Popular versions of universalism are to be disregarded as having no scriptural basis for belief.

Dr. Davies speaks in straightforward, even simple terms and includes numerous quotes and illustrations from everyday life to add emphasis to the teaching-points he makes. Above all, this is a book


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