It’s Your Choice

Published by Time for Truth, PO Box 1146, Kidderminster, DY10 1WG, UK. Price 15p each, including postage and packing.

This is a twelve-page, full-colour evangelistic booklet designed to bring the truth of the gospel before the minds and hearts of the lost. As the title suggests, its starting point is the eternal destiny of the soul and how that destiny is decided by the choice that we make in life.

Using the King James Version throughout, Mr. Davis seeks to weave together the verses of scripture that refer to the gospel themes of heaven, hell, sin, judgement, salvation and faith. Verses are quoted in full and in this way the scripture is allowed to ‘speak for itself’. Although some would take issue with the writer’s use of the term ‘substitute’, this booklet should provide a very valuable addition to the believer’s arsenal in trying to make known the gospel to needy sinners.


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