Knowing and Doing – John McQuoid

Paperback, 130pp. Published by Opal Trust, 1 Glenannan Park, Lockerbie, DG11 2FA, Scotland. ISBN 978-1-907098-03-1.

This book is designed for those new to the faith who wish to know more about God and His word and, through that knowledge, to obey Him. Composed of twenty short chapters, ranging from God, Creation, Sin and the Fall of Man, to Family, and Death and Judgement, it seeks to give a very simple introduction to biblical truth. Throughout, there is great emphasis given to simplicity and clarity, with scriptures being quoted extensively to support every point made. Although it is a translation that all might not be happy with, the author’s desire for ease of reading has led him to use the New Living Translation.

While this book has much to commend it for use amongst those new converts with no spiritual background, there are a number of areas of concern. Some points of doctrine are incorrectly or poorly phrased. For example, the writer states, ‘Adam and Eve were created holy like God’, page 19. Similarly, not everyone would be comfortable with the use of ‘the sinner’s prayer’, page 37, or ‘the baptismal promise’, page 48.

It is often difficult to create a book on a subject like this that is both simple to read and yet profound. This book makes easy reading but does not satisfy in its treatment of all its subjects, e.g., in its rather jarring references to the Lord as ‘Jesus’ throughout.


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