Matthew’s Messiah

240pp, and published by the author, it is available free of charge to all individuals asking for a copy. Requests, or other enquiries about the book, should be addressed to ‘Matthew’s Messiah’, c/o P.O. Box 55, Bexley, N.S.W. 2207, Australia, or by e-mail to: [email protected]

The importance of Matthew’s Gospel cannot be overemphasized, presenting distinctively to us the Lord as King. Mr. Wilson (a great nephew of T. E. Wilson of Angola) gives us his consideration of this book in the form of an introductory analysis (his words!). It helps to explain his departure from the usual divisions of this gospel and the manner in which, using the full content of the text, he takes us through Matthew’s account of Christ’s life. Powerful points are made; novel suggestions occur, and he writes in a style different to that usually adopted by expositors of Scripture. The author has that wonderful gift of being able to convey deep truths in language that is easily understood, and this comes across in a book suited, and profitable, for all to read.


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