Mountains & Valleys in Christian Living – Donald Norbie

Paperback, 90pp. Published by Gospel Folio Press, 304 Killaly St. W., Port Colborne, ON L3K 6A6, Canada. Price: £7.50.ISBN 9-781897-117941.

Mountains & Valleys in Christian Living is a delightful, easy reading and encouraging volume which contains a number of devotional and challenging meditations from the pen of Donald Norbie. As suggested within the preface, although there is no common theme to these meditations they are set forth to encourage the reader to put the Lord first in their lives and stimulate them to love and good works, Heb. 10. 24.

The seventeen meditations in all cover a variety of themes such as: The Security of the Believer (To cut the Covenant); Spiritual Growth (The truth about the Spirit and the washing of regeneration); Christian Acceptance (must we always agree?); A Pattern Life (mimics, Joseph, a pattern of faith and love); and Fruitful in Old Age (fear or faith, the sunset years) to name just a few. Each meditation is short and easily read within a few minutes whilst being interspersed with some of Norbie’s own poetry.

I found this book to be an enjoyable companion to pick up and read at opportune moments. Many of the meditations contain a precious jewel of practical truth which Norbie is able to present with clarity and challenge. Although not every meditation will be relevant to every believer who reads this book (for example those on old age), there is much in the book which is. I did not personally find the poetry to be so helpful, much of it having a theme of awe and wonder about creation rather than Christ.

Much of what Norbie writes is based upon a wealth of practical experience in Christian living and is, as a result, worthy of note and consideration. There is much too to draw the attention to the Lord Jesus and challenge us with regard to practical Christian living in Him. This book is recommended, but perhaps more appropriate for an older audience.

[Our thanks to Dan Rudge, Bracknell, UK, for this review]


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