New Testament Church Principles

(102 pages). £1 post paid. John Ritchie Ltd., Kilmarnock.

Originally published as a series in Precious Seed during the years 1954-1956, the committee immediately published them in book form. The demand for the book being so great, the above publishers have produced a series of editions over the years, and we are glad to see that a fourth edition has now been printed. Several of the chapters have been included in our own Church Doctrine and Practice, but the complete set of articles is now available once again in this present edition, and in a preface, the author notes that the book has been translated into a number of languages.

The reader will find in this book all the holy and solemn subjects associated with assembly fellowship and service, such as baptism, the Lord’s Supper, fellowship, overseership, ministry, discipline, finance and the woman’s sphere. In these days of departure and innovation, it is good to have a book such as this to place in the hands of new converts, that they may be rid of religious associations and see clearly what the Word of God teaches. The book will bring glory to the Lord as His people learn of, and walk in, these holy paths.


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