On-Line Bible version 1.41

On-Line Bible Foundation, 12 Birkfield Place, Carluke, Midlothian, Scotland. Timnathserah Inc, 11 Homewood Street, Winterbourne, Ontario, Canada. Available from John Ritchie Ltd and prices are: Deluxe £45.00; Classic £25.00; Basic £12.50; Audio £20.00.

This Bible software program is available in various versions but that reviewed here is the Classic Edition. It comes as a single CD and can be loaded easily on to most personal computers. However, it is well worth checking the specification of the machine onto which the program is to be loaded in order to ensure its correct performance.

The program comes with a vast range of material together with the usual facilities available for such programs. These include the ability to search the scriptures for all occurrences of a certain word or phrase, or to do selective searches in parts of the Bible. These facilities are easily accessible through icons and show the vast improvements that have been made to the program since it was first developed.

Those who like to compare translations as a means of understanding the text of scripture will find this program particularly helpful. Bibles available for reference include the King James Bible with Strong’s numbers, the Darby Bible, the Young’s Literal Translation, the American Standard Version, the New King James Version, and many more. For those familiar with the language, Greek texts available for study include Textus Receptus, Tischendorf’s, and Westcott and Hort’s. Some of these are also linked to the Strong’s numbering system made famous by James Strong in his Bible Concordance.

Other resources that some users might find helpful include a range of dictionaries and commentaries. Sets available include Robertson’s Word Studies, Darby’s Synopsis, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Nave’s Topical Bible, Schofield’s Bible Notes, Spurgeon’s Treasury of David, Maclaren’s Expositions and Jamieson, Fausset and Brown’s Commentary. Again, a window to compose your own notes or view those of other writers is displayed on screen alongside the passage being studied.

It is well worth spending some time exploring the material that is available on the CD-ROM. There is historical information by Edersheim and Josephus, creation material by various writers, and Christian classics such as Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. However, not all the content is appropriate to readers of this magazine or as useful as some of that listed above. The facility that the program does offer is the ability to display only those books required by the user.

For some the idea of Bible study on computer will seem strange. Those that have grown used to books and other paper-based materials may find changing to computer a difficult exercise. However, the On-line Bible is a versatile program that offers many different features, is very easy to use, and is a tried and tested product. Transferring notes from the package into a word processor is also easy. Those who were first introduced to Bible study on computer through earlier versions of this program will find the enhancements of this latest package most welcome.


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