Opening up Luke’s Gospel

Paperback, 224pp. Published by Day One Publications, Ryelands Road, Leominster HR6 8NZ, UK.
Price £8.00, ISBN 1 846250 30 9.

As part of the ‘Opening up’ series, this book seeks to re-tell Luke’s gospel account, adding practical points of explanation and application. In keeping with the study guide genre, it includes issues for further study and points for discussion at the end of each section of verses.

I found some of Gavin Childress’s statements unconvincing, particularly the suggestion that Luke wrote chronologically, and that Luke chapter 12 verses 11-12 was literally fulfilled in the Acts of the Apostles. Equally, it was unusual that the author should not indicate Luke’s development of the theme of the humanity of Christ. However, he is clear on the character of Mary, dispelling the myths of Catholicism. This is not a book for the student of scripture, but for young believers who wish to gain lessons from Luke’s writing, this book is most helpful.