Preaching Christ

Paperback, 80 pp, Published by Evangelical Times, Faverdale North, Darlington, DL3 0PH, England. ISBN 0 9500129 1 2

In a day when other methods of ‘getting people to church’ are being implemented it is good to read a book that focuses upon the responsibility of believers to preach Christ. This book is a collection of articles previously printed in the Evangelical Times and has, as its purpose, ‘to explore what it really means to preach Christ and why it is essential to do so’.

To accomplish such a worthy aim the writer defines the term ‘preach’ and shows that to herald, proclaim, or tell thoroughly we must not strip the gospel of its biblical content. The writer is forthright in stating, ‘If we minimise sin we devalue salvation, for it is from sin that Christ saves’. He adds later, ‘One of the great problems of our day is a lack of seriousness in preaching’. It would do every preacher good to be reminded that ‘It is not the herald’s task to … entertain the audience … or display his instrumental virtuosity … when we herald Christ there is but one purpose – to make every one look to him and wait upon his words’.

However, although there is much of value in this book it is also permeated with aspects of Reformed theology that readers of this magazine would find unacceptable. If these matters are read with discernment then this book could prove of profit in reminding us all of our solemn responsibilities in respect to the gospel.


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