Precious Seed 70th Anniversary Edition

Paperback, 212 pages, Published by Precious Seed Publications, 34 Metcalfe Avenue, Killamarsh, UK. ISBN 978 1 871642 77 3.

This well presented book incorporates scanned copies of the Precious Seed Magazines from their inception in September 1945 to the May-June 1948 issue. It is attractively bound and the front cover is a copy of the 1945 original, meticulously reproduced in colour by artist Katie Piper (nee Smith).

The names of committee members and contributors will no doubt stir many memories for older readers who remember the ministry of men such as W. E. Vine, W. Trew and J. M. Davies. The Readers’ Questions in each issue are answered by E. W. Rogers, with many most appropriate to the present day. The reports of Gospel Work are particularly interesting. The numbers attending tent meetings and other outreach work are at times quite staggering, when compared with the relatively few who show any interest in the gospel in our day, despite genuine effort and prayerful concern on the part of many believers. A further point of interest to note is the number of assemblies mentioned, and apparently thriving, just seventy years ago, but which are now no longer in existence or greatly reduced numerically.

The March-April 1947 issue highlights the decline of sound biblical teaching in schools. To seek in some way to address this problem, a magazine page was dedicated to teaching for children. The trustees enlisted the help of two public school teachers to undertake this responsibility. With teaching for younger children and those through teenage years, this has developed into the Young Precious Seed published in the current magazines.

The articles reproduced cover a wide range of teaching from both Old and New Testaments, remaining consistently faithful to the stated purpose of Precious Seed as being to encourage the study of the scriptures, the practice of New Testament church principles and interest in gospel work.

Whether reading through or just ‘dipping in’, this book is far more than a window on a bygone age, more an encouragement to all believers that we have before us in our day an open door.


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